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Jun & Sandra | London – Save The Date

We’d like to share a short save the date clip we did for Jun and Sandra during our short trip to London. Jun and Sandra are both Malaysian and currently based in London and we’ll be covering their weddings in both the UK and Malaysia in separate dates.

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Paris Pre-Wedding Promo by Jon.C Photography & Cherie Lee Make Up + Pick A Gown

Dear couple,

Are you looking to have your pre-wedding photo shoot done in beautiful and romantic Paris? In collaboration with Jon.C Photography​, we would like to share a great promotional Paris Pre-Wedding photoshooting packages with cinematic video included. Don’t miss this chance! Please check out the full details and video below.

Last call for Paris Pre-Wedding Package – RM8880.00 (Promotion!)
Original Price RM11,800.00
1 Day shooting (4 Locations) by Certified Professional Photographer – Jon. C (WPPI & WPPA)
Professional Bridal Make up, Hair do & Outfit styling
1 Signature Leather Album 12” x 12“ (20 Pages)
60 + (10 Bonus) High Resolution Retouched Digital Photos
1 Canvas Fine Print 24” x 36” (Archival Grade Canvas Certified 100+ years)
ALL IMAGES (Light Edit/Fine Tune) returned in USB with Signature Case
1 Pre-Wedding Photo Montage with Cinematic Video
1 Bonus Video (Save the Date) by JC Studio Films Director Edit (Worth RM1,800)
* Include Airfare for crews
* Include Accomodation for crews (Photographer & Make Up Artist)
* Include 2 Gowns (Allow 2 pieces of Own wear)

Please send your email to
Contact : 012- 979 2221
Photography by: Jon.C Photography​
Make up by : Cherie Lee
Gown by: Pick A Gown

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Voon Chun & Huay Pin – Wedding Cinematic Highlights | SDE

Huay Pin mentioned how she’s always wanted to have Chamomile Tea, but in the end ended up with Chinese tea instead. Haha. I’m sure that because Chinese tea taste much better for her. That’s how true love works. We love Huay Pin’s metaphor very much. She’s found the perfect high quality Chinese Tea in Voon Chun. Please enjoy the SDE video!

Cinematographers: Jonathan, Jiro & Mike

Wedding Style: Chinese/Soka Gakkai Ceremony
Location: Klang, Malaysia

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Derek & Shin San – Wedding Cinematic Highlights | SDE

Yesterday, we get to shoot a simple but elegant wedding of our couple Derek and Shin San. There’s no gate crashing just a simple Chinese styled fetch-the-bride followed by the blessing ceremony. Derek has done well although he’s from America. We love everything about the wedding from the beautiful bride’s gowns to the venue’s decor, and even the groom’s suits! Both our couple were lovely and had great smiles and that made our job pretty easy. Here we present our fresh from the oven same day edit wedding highlights from yesterday’s wedding!

Cinematographers: Jonathan, Jiro & Kim

Wedding Style: Church/Chinese
Location: Empire Subang Hotel, Malaysia

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Vincent & Melanie – Wedding Cinematic Highlights | Pullman Putrajaya | SDE

Cinematographers: Jonathan, Jiro & Kim
Helicam Pilot: Jonathan

Wedding Style: Garden/Chinese
Location: Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside, Malaysia

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Chun Loo & Yi Wern – Melbourne Love Story | Teaser

Here’s a short teaser of the love story video of Chun Loo & Yi Wern, shot in Melbourne. Please stay tune for the full highlights!

Cinematographer: Jonathan
Helicam Pilot: Jonathan

Location: Melbourne, Australia

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Arlene & Zoran – Wedding Highlights | SDE

Arlene met Zoran when they were pursuing their PhD back in the UK and both are currently based in Hong Kong. They were some of the craziest and playful couple we’ve ever met and shooting their weddings were full of fun and laughter. As you can see from the video, they’re certainly not shy about showing their love and affection for each other. 😀

Cinematographer: Jonathan, Jiro & Kim
Helicam Pilot: Jonathan

Photography by: Jim Liaw Photography

Wedding Style: Traditional Chinese

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Quan & Jovin – Wedding Cinematic Highlights | Malacca

After Quan and Jovin’s wedding ceremony in Malaysia, they were back to Sydney for their wedding dinner and showed our SDE video to the crowds there and they loved it.

The exact words from Quan was “All good JC, the video was awesome, everybody enjoyed it very much!”

It was our pleasure to be able to shoot their wedding and good comments like this always make our day and keep us going 🙂

Cinematographer: Jonathan, Jiro & Kim

Helicam Pilot: Jonathan

Wedding Style: Garden / Traditional Chinese

Locations: Malacca, Malaysia

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Winnie + Collin & Michele + Chee Yoong | Pre-Wedding Save The Date | Melbourne

When Winnie engaged us to film their wedding in Melbourne back in September, we’ve also included a pre-wedding concept film package for them. We then travelled to Melbourne before the wedding to create this Save-the-date video for them to invite their friends and families for their wedding reception in Kota Kinabalu Sabah. Winnie’s sister Michelle decided to join in the shooting with her fiance as their weddings are just couple months apart.

We’ve been to few places during the filming, and weather was changing too frequently, we had to get the shots fast and keep ourselves warm at the same time. We’ve done an individual film for each couple as well but here present you with a double dose of happiness featuring two sisters and their supportive hubbies together 🙂

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Collin & Jenny – Wedding Cinematic Highlights | Singapore

You may noticed that the opening song “Everything” sounded different in our video. That’s because it was covered by our couple, Collin and Jenny! They sounded great don’t you think?

We arrived a day earlier in Singapore, so we figured we could film a short interview on them. During the interview, we got to know more about their love story and how much they meant for each other. We even had them expressed their own feelings for each other separately. Neither of them know what’s the other said until the dinner night where the SDE video will be shown.

Jenny told us one of the things that she loves about Collin, was his Jim Carry’s impersonation. You will get to see how good was his impersonation in the video. Collin also mentioned that he’s willing to sacrificed for Jenny. We’re sure he wouldn’t need to go that far. But you get the point. From his eyes, you can tell how important Jenny is to him and how much he loves her.

The groomsmen and bridesmaids were real sporting that day. They were dressed up in samurai clothings and kimonos, and they were really in character the entire day. They wielded the fake katana with great authority, and wore the Japanese slipper everywhere without complaining. We figure it’s waste if we don’t include something comical and funny for them in the video.

Lastly, it was great fun filming their wedding day and we wish the newlyweds all the best. Please enjoy the same day edit video we have put together for the couple on their wedding dinner.

Cinematographer: Jonathan, Jiro & Kim
Helicam Pilot: Jonathan
Photography by: (Weng) Jon.C Photography

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